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Welcome to Residential Recycling & Refuse of Texas Client Portal. See below for Account and Password assistance.

Thank you for using our online payment system!   

Please follow the instructions below to access your account. 
You will need your Customer # from your invoice and your account phone number.  If you do not know this information, please feel free to call us at 346-248-5222 and we will be happy to provide it to you.  You may also email our office at info@rrrtx.net to get this information.  

Login Credentials: 
Account Number: your Customer # from your invoice without the leading zeros. 
  • Example:  Customer #: 001234-000001 = Account No: 1234
  • Example:  Customer #: 010000-000001 = Account No: 10000
Password: your 10-digit account phone number, no spaces or dashes.
  • Example: Account Phone #: (281)555-1212 = Password: 2815551212 
Invoice Search & Selection: 
To view additional invoice history, update the “from” date and click the “Search” button

All invoices with a box next to them are unpaid.  You can select multiple invoices for payment by clicking in the box next to the invoices.  You can view paid invoices by clicking on the green invoice number.